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BGC is a company specialized in international business strategy, business development and investment. It is born from the experience of a multidisciplinary team, which decides to share knowledge and skills to pursue, without rest, the success of companies.

Our customer portfolio includes major global businesses from the construction, steel or engineering industries, which allows us to transfer experience and knowledge to the SMEs with which we work.

Success in international trade involves dedicating time, study and investments to obtain the knowledge and experience required in each market. Thanks to our service standards and operational expertise, Barcella Global Consulting will help you succeed in an increasingly competitive global market.

Strategic allies:

After several years of hard work, we are partners of some of our clients, contributing not only work, but also capital. This has led us to become Master Dealers of renowned companies such as BHD Consulting in Latam.

We are also proud to represent Voest Alpine, a world leader in the railway and steel sector, in Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and in several international projects.


From BGC we offer, after a detailed study of the viability plan of your business, the option to offer our clients own financing, in addition to helping them in the search for local or international funds.


Help our clients to access international markets, to internationalize and to get companies to expand their businesses worldwide.


To be a leading company in international business strategy, detecting business opportunities globally. Support and facilitate the international operations of our clients, reducing uncertainty and guaranteeing success based on knowledge of the local market.


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We are the image of our represented in the country, for this reason, we meet the highest international quality standards.

This is a service designed primarily for customers who do not need to open an office in a certain market but do require a commercial representative. It has been designed for multinational businesses, but it is also used by small and medium-sized enterprises on projects with specific start and end dates. The greatest value we can contribute with this service is our dedication to success and the personal involvement of every member of our team. One of our professionals will always be available 24×7 to respond to any emergencies that may affect your business. Your problems are our problems, or, more importantly, the brand image of our customers is our brand image. We understand that internationalization operations always involve a financial effort from our customers. Therefore, in addition to helping them find the funding, if necessary, we set up mixed remuneration arrangements that link part of our fees to the success of the venture. Consequently, our customers have the assurance that the BGC team assigned to the project will dedicate all of their efforts to the success of the operation. This service includes the following:
  • Presentation of bids and their follow-up.
  • Negotiating bids and terms of payment.
  • Review of the purchase contract.
  • Tracking payments.
  • Comprehensive logistics service.


We analyze and look for the best option for your business, in search of international expansion. BGC offers our clients the possibility of own financing, search for local partners or use group companies as partners to support the initial actions at the time of implantation in a country.

We want to be the key ally of our customers, betting and risking jointly in strategic decisions.


We have preferential agreements with the main freight forwarders on a global level, which we provide to all our customers if required. In addition, in each local market, we handle important partnerships with customs agents, logistics agents and internationally renowned experts in customs law, in order to ensure the success of your shipments and deliveries.

Our team provides a complete service that includes door-to-door tracking of your shipments.



Help our customers to access international markets, to become global players and expand their businesses globally.


Become a leading player in international business strategies, identifying global business opportunities. Support and facilitate our customers’ international operations by reducing uncertainty and ensuring their success based on our knowledge of the local markets.





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You can contact us at our offices in Spain or Ecuador.

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